Active Adult Community in Robbinsville


Model: Robbins

base price: $579,000

Base Sq/ft: 2,901 sq/ft

w/Sunroom: 3,023 sq/ft


Model: Super Robbins

base price: $599,000

Base Sq/ft: 3,167 sq/ft

w/Sunroom: 3,289 sq/ft

  • Lot premium not included in base prices
  • Sq/ft does not include garage
  • All models have a 2 car garage
  • Lot Premiums vary based on the size of the lot and/or location.
  • Size of Lots: 5,550 sq/ft up to 10,016sq/ft
  • Lot Premium Pricing: $20,000 up to$55,000

Robbins Gallery